#6 Fighting Extinction

Artenschutz Kampagne

In addition to traditional media, we develop and produce for various clients from the fields of sustainability, nature and species conservation as well as the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, the Biodiversity Foundation and the WWF. Documentary formats for presentations, non-linear platforms and social networks are created here, as are more comprehensive multi-platform campaigns.


Together with German Terra X presenter Dirk Steffens, we developed his ‘#6 – Fighting Extinction’ campaign, raising awareness about the sixth global mass extinction that the world is currently experiencing. Our work included building up the brand, conceptualizing and organization of on- and offline events. We developed and produced various clips and print products for educational and informational purposes and established and operated campaign accounts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, developed a website and implemented an online petition to take up species conservation in the Germany’s constitution, where we reached more than 100.000 signatures. For this project we were very happy to secure the support of some wonderful wildlife and sustainability activists that included Jane Goodall, Arved Fuchs and Arun Gandhi.

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