With Ina Müller through northern Germany, with Markus Lanz through Mongolia and with 1.3 million wildebeest through the Serengeti – Doclights productions carry their viewers off to many different worlds. Over 200 hours of entertaining, captivating and visually striking footage have been broadcast since the foundation of the company in 2011. 

A main production focal point is nature and science. Doclights is the main supplier of the series “Expeditionen ins Tierreich” (NDR) and “Erlebnis Erde” (ARD). The films are often produced in co-operation with WDR, BR, MDR, RBB, Arte, National Geographic, Animal Planet, ORF, Terra Mater and the BBC. Alongside the supervision of long-established formats – “Expeditionen ins Tierreich” has an over 50-year-old tradition on German television – the Doclights team is constantly developing new ones. The series “Leopard, Seebär & Co” from Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg offers entertainment on the ARD afternoon schedule. Highly polished documentaries like “Sehnsucht Grönland” or “Sehnsucht Mongolei” with Markus Lanz (ZDF) show celebrities from a completely new perspective. “Männer allein daheim” (kabel eins) and “Wo die Liebe hinfährt” (ZDF) are examples of the factual entertainment segment. With “Bauer testet…”, Doclights has produced a successful customer-oriented format for SWR; and with the tri-medial project “Von Meisterhand”, developed a format for NDR which integrates radio and internet along with TV production. 

Since 2010 the nature film productions have also appeared on the big screen. In co-operation with some of the best teams from the international wildlife film world, successful and multiple award-winning cinema productions have been made, like “Serengeti", “Russia - Realm of Tigers, Bears and Volcanos“, “The Green Universe“ and “Secrets of the North Sea".

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